SINTEF - Institute for Health Research

November 1, 2008  

Institute for Health Research

Department for Medical Technology
7465 Trondheim, Norway

The photos show the Medical Technology Research Center (left) and to the right of the soccer field in the overview photo of St. Olavs Hospital (right, yet finished as shown).

Name and contact of the leading person

Toril N Hernes, PhD, Prof.
Research Director
Phone: +47 93028341
Fax: +47 93070800

Photo: Toril N Hernes

Thomas Langø, PhD, Senior Research Scientist
Project leader: Laparoscopic surgery
Phone: +47 90962913
Fax: +47 93070800

Photo: Thomas Langø

Geir Arne Tangen, MSc, Research Scientist
Project: Navigation system platform and clinical testing
Phone: +47 98245148
Fax: +47 93070800

Photo: Geir Arne Tangen

Rune Hansen, PhD, Research Scientist
Project leader: Endovascular surgery
Phone:    +47 92065847
Fax:     +47 93070800

Photo: Rune Hansen

Tormod Selbekk, PhD student, MSC
Project leader: Neurosurgery
Phone:    +47 90544733
Fax:     +47 93070800

Photo: Tormod Selbekk

Frank Lindseth, PhD, Research Scientist
Project leader: Software development image guided surgery
Phone:    +47 92809372
Fax :     +47 93070800

Photo: Frank Lindseth

Sébastien Muller, PhD, Research Scientist
Project: Image processing and analysis
Phone:     +47 41645846
Fax:     +47 93070800

Photo: Sébastien Muller

Reidar Brekken, PhD student, MSc
Project: Image processing and analysis, ultrasound strain processing
Phone:     +47 93059651
Fax:     +47 93070800

Photo: Reidar Brekken

Ole Vegard Solberg, PhD student, MSc
Project: Image processing and analysis, ultrasound 3D reconstruction
Phone:     +47 98245191
Fax:     +47 93070800

Photo: Ole Vegard Solberg

Janne Beate Lervik Bakeng, MSc
Phone:    +47 95031352
Fax:     +47 93070800

Photo: Janne Beate Bakeng

Cecilie Våpenstad, MSc
Phone:    +47 93227431
Fax:     +47 93070800

Photo: Cecilie Våpenstad

Lars Eirik Bø, MSc
Phone:    +47 48133123
Fax:     +47 93070800

Photo: Lars Eirik Bø

Ingerid Reinertsen, PhD, Research Scientist
Phone:    +47 902159
Fax:     +47 93070800

Description of  SINTEF

The SINTEF Group is the largest independent research organization in Scandinavia. Every year, SINTEF supports the development of 2000 or so Norwegian and overseas companies via our research and development activity.
Business concept: SINTEF’s goal is to contribute to wealth creation and to the sound and sustainable development of society. We generate new knowledge and solutions for our customers, based on research and development in technology, the natural sciences, medicine and the social sciences.
Vision: Technology for a better society.
Our services: We solve our customers’ problems through research contracts in the following fields: Health, information and communications technology, marine activities, materials science and applied chemistry, petroleum and energy, technology management and building/construction. SINTEF intends through research to act as a driving force in the process of restructuring and developing Norwegian society.
In order to ensure that this research is available to society as a whole, we lso perform consulting activity. We are also active in testing and certification in a number of areas  within the SINTEF group and via cooperation with other organizations. These activities make significant contributions to creating added value from the knowledge and solutions produced by our researchers.
We wish to be of use to both small and large companies in our markets. For example, we can help a small-scale gravel producer analyze a rock sample, at the same time as our researchers are playing an important role in developing the next generation of solutions to the problem of energy supply. By working on a wide range of projects, we are helping to realize our own vision: technology for a better society.
The department of Medical Technology at SINTEF works with medical imaging and image guided therapy in a close collaboration with end users at St Olavs Hospital and The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) which also ha a strong group working with ultrasound research ( SINTEF is also heavily involved in the Center for Research Based Innovation (SFI) at NTNU funded by the Norwegian Research Council: Medical Imaging Laboratory (MI-Lab) project (Budget of app 32 mill euro). The total amount of people working with technological and clinical research and development of medical ultrasound in Trondheim is close to 100. NTNU has also recently received funding for a national research school in medical imaging inwhichh SINTEF is involved. Core competence at SINTEF is technological competence in basic and applied ultrasound, MR/CT imaging, navigation inside the body, multimodal and 2D/3D visualisation, image and signal processing and positioning of surgical instruments and ultrasound probes. SINTEF is also one of the main partners in The National Center of 3D Ultrasound in Surgery (SINTEF, NTNU, St Olavs Hospital) and Future operating Room (FOR).
List of ongoing projects and possibly short description

Center for 3D ultrasound in minimally invasive surgery:

The St. Olavs University Hospital / NTNU and SINTEF have a long and successful tradition of collaboration in several areas of medical technology. The Center for 3D Ultrasound in Surgery in Trondheim was established in 1995 by the Norwegian Ministry of Health and Social Affairs in the areas of neurosurgery, laparoscopy, and endovascular therapy. The intention for this centre is to develop new and improved methods, including decision support, and technology for minimally invasive therapy using ultrasound as the preferred intra-operative imaging modality. The group of researchers at the Centre consists of research scientists from SINTEF and clinical staff (surgeons, radiologists, medical doctors) from St. Olavs University Hospital in Trondheim. The thirteen research scientists at SINTEF represent the technological research competence within the interdisciplinary research team at the Centre. Six of these research scientists hold a PhD (two in image-guided surgery) and two are currently PhD students, while one is a PostDoc. SINTEF also has a considerable activity within health care research, and conducts research to increase the knowledge about effective organizing and steering, including effective resource allocation. Our research group is involved in performing leading edge research and development in the large collaborative project Operating Room of the Future for minimally invasive therapy (mainly laparoscopy and endovascular therapy) at St. Olavs Hospital.

3D ultrasound and navigation in Laparoscopic surgery
Laparoscopic surgery is performed through small insicions in the abdomen using long instruments. In addition, the surgeon has a camera through one of the holes enabling him to see the tip of the instruments and controling the intervention inside the abdomen. In this project we are developing a research and development platform for navigation in laparoscopic surgery and also intraoperative ultrasound-based guidance tools. We provide the surgeon with a ’super’ vision with our navigation system. The system comprises a computer, a position tracking system and software developed in our department. The images can be visualized in 2D and 3D and can be controlled by the surgical instruments. This helps the surgeon to obtain a better overview and easier avoid bleedings. Our goal is to improve laparoscopic surgery by developing and applying novel solutions and methods, such as navigation technology and intraoperative ultrasound to improve patient outcome and allow more advanced procedures to be performed by laparoscopic technique. The project is based at the Center for 3D ultrasound in surgery in Trondheim. We have a unique and close collaboration between SINTEF Health Research, Dept. Medical Technology, and the National Center for Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery at St. Olavs Hospital, the University Hospital in Trondheim. The Center for 3D Ultrasound in Surgery was established in 1995 by the National Health Authorities, the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs.

We are conducting similar projects within:
3D ultrasound-based navigation in Neurosurgery
Navigation in endovascular therapy

Other important projects with considerably SINTEF contributions:

List of references

The scientific papers (peer reviewed) for 2007-8 is given below.
(for the complete list, see:

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