Creamedix GmbH

August 28, 2008  

Creamedix GmbH
Dr. Harald Fischer, CEO
Königsberger Strasse 2
76356 Weingarten
Tel: +49-(0)7244-608265
Fax: +49-(0)7244-608269
Mobil: +49-(0)151-15773334

Creamedix is focusing on the development and production of stents, mainly from the shape memory material Nitinol.
Beside the stent market we also do developments for surgical instrumentation and surgical innovations containing Nitinol as innovative material.

Key services are:

- support in the design of any idea out of Nitinol
- laser cutting of Nitinol tubing
- laser cutting of Tantal tubing
- laser drilling in different tubings
- laser welding of stainless steel, Nitinol, Tantal and more … (µm-scale welding)
- shape setting (almost any shape wanted)
- µm-scaled sand blasting
- electro-polishing of Nitinol, stainless steel, tantal and more…

The big advantage of Creamedix is the fast devolpment cycle as we can manage to produce nearly any prototype of stent within ONE week.